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How Do I Use The Skincare Line?

Whether you are experiencing a new skincare routine or looking to revitalize your skin, it is important to use ANY product correctly. We recommend our facial scrubs are used once a week, in order for your skin to regenerate after removing toxins.

How Do I Use The Lash Serum?

Our patented formula is gentle on the eyes and skin, and can therefore be used twice daily. We recommend applying once in the morning when washing and prepping your face for the day, and again in the evening before bedtime in order to maximize results.

Is there a Return/Exchange Policy?

As all of our items are skincare or custom, we do not offer a return on purchased and delivered products. We will however replace the item if damaged during shipment (with valid proof), or fix any issues within a reasonable (30 Days from receipt) on custom items (i.e. Handbags).

Please email us for warranty.

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